1 Gen. Klapka Square

Gen. Klapka Square presents its dominant feature – the statue of György Klapka, a representative of the Hungarian Revolution in 1848-49. In 1849 general Klapka was in command of defence of Komárno as the last fort of revolutionists against Austrian imperial army.

The building of Komárno Town-hall even today serves as the municipal office. The first town-hall building together with many other buildings in Komárno was destroyed by extensive earthquake in 1763. From then the town-hall was several times destroyed again and rebuilt. It received its current shape in 1875. At 10 am, 12 am, 2 pm and 4 pm the Hussars March can be heard at the square while a hussar’s figure comes out of a little door in the town-hall tower.

The original Zichy Palace was built in 1775 for Count Francis Zichy. Today it is a place where expositions of the museum called Podunajské múzeum are placed.

The building of former clinics was, during the period of the Monarchy, a residence of a savings bank; currently the building is not being used. In front of the clinics there are reproductions of Komárno’s historical photos exhibited.