9 The Trinity Pole

In 1715, The Sculpture of the Most Holy Trinity (the Trinity Pole) was built as a reminder of the plague epidemics and the end of the
Kuruck wars from 1710-11. The Pole is referenced in one legend in which a carriage with a bride and attendants disappeared from the
earth during a great earthquake in 1763. Today, earthquakes can sometimes be felt in Komárno due to the160km long, so called Komárno tectonic fault on which the city lays. Fortunately, these earth shocks are not as destructive as those from the 18th century. The Europe Square can be reached from the Trinity Pole through a pedestrian underpass in Zichy Palace. Here you can find the exposition of the Podunajské museum, which is dedicated to Mór Jókai and Franz Lehár.